Monday, January 7, 2013

Future Celebrity Hookups

For this first post of the new year I wanted to do something with meaning...something that has a profound effect on all of us as human beings...

So welcome to the first edition of Future Celebrity Hookups!!

Suri Cruise and Levi McConaughey.  I know what you're thinking.  She's like 16 and he's only 3.  Actually they are only a year apart in age.  People, this union MUST happen.  If only for a glimpse into what the family dinners would be like.  Who wouldn't want to see Tom Cruise explain the philosophy of Scientology to a stoned Matthew McConaughey?  

Apple Martin and Jaden Smith.  I'm not going to lie.  I mainly just want to see Jada Pinkett Smith kick Gwyneth Paltrow's ass.


Harper Beckham and Flynn Bloom.  (Parents: David-Victoria Beckham and Orlando Bloom/Miranda Kerr).
I have nothing snarky to say.  They are beautiful and must be together for genetic purposes.  Also, I could literally eat their faces.  Ok...not literally.


Shiloh Pitt and Kingston Rossdale.  (Parents: Hello? and Gwen Stefani)
These two should be together simply because you would never be able to tell who was the male or female.  It would be like Pat and Pat.  This pleases me.

There are so many, many more to consider but that's it for this edition.

Happy Monday!


  1. What does the child of the rich and famous know what it's like to be a working class hero? Pffft!

    I'd love to see a celebrity take a walk in my shoes. But that'll never happen...they might get dirty!

  2. It's funny how you can see the personality of the parents in the photos of their children. McConaughy's kid is in flip-flops, Gwyneth's girl is dressed up like Alice in Wonderland, and Angelina Jolie's girl is all punked out in her Ramones shirt. Too funny. Little mini-me's. :)

  3. Thanks for the snort on that last one.

  4. Your comments had me laughing. Thanks!

  5. lol i love you. Too funny. And gosh darn Jaden looks like his dad. They're all great matches but Jaden and Apple would be freakin' awesome.

  6. "It would be like Pat and Pat. This pleases me."

    This may be the funniest thing I've read all week. And suddenly, forcing babies to love each other no longer seems weird.

  7. This definitely made me laugh a lot. :) I'm relieved you put so much thought into this. :D


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