Monday, January 14, 2013

Pigskin Porkfest

Sundays at the Sigman Casa.  Football and a variety of pork-centric edibles.  Bacon and hashbrowns for breakfast.  Ham, pan fried potatoes (in bacon grease), and baked beans (with bacon bits) for dinner.  If you listen closely you can hear my tiny arteries screaming...

I'm also pretty sure if I broke a hard sweat right now, it would give off a smokey aroma with just a hint of maple.

Now I'll be the first to admit that a few years ago (which means 10) if you'd asked me anything about football I would have dismissed your craziness and quickly changed the subject.  But you can only sit through so many games pretending not to care before some of the excitement begins to seep in.  Then before you know it you're checking stats, calling plays, and wrestling your husband over who's the better armchair quarterback.  Me.

I love the game.  I admit it.  I love the pure raw power of a 300 lb. mountain of muscle leaping into the air,

or the sheer beauty of an athlete running full out down a grassy field to dance in the end zone.

It is magnificent.  These men are modern day Gladiators, playing in arenas, through pain and at times impossible weather conditions, to entertain us.  Which makes us the Romans. Think about that.

However, I do have one complaint.  It's the language of the game, obviously invented by a man, and makes no sense at all.  There are so many 'downs' to the 'down'.  What the hell? And don't get me started on how a team's position in the playoffs is not called a 'seat' (like I thought and which makes sense) but a 'seed'.  Are we planting a garden here?

Football will never be perfect until a woman rewrites it.  And would it really be so bad if it were touch instead of tackle?

Kidding, just kidding. Happy Monday.


  1. You're right, they ARE like modern gladiators, thankfully without any killing!

  2. I love it too. And even though my team LOST this weekend (still recovering from that by the way) I just love they way teams fight to the very last second to win. They never give up. It really is inspiring...except when it's the Ravens, and then it's just uncalled for showing off.

  3. Oh, and I wish we had scratch and sniff blogs. Bet that smokey, maple scent smells pretty good. :P

  4. I never thought about the wording of it before - probably part of growing up with only brothers, I never thought to question it. :) But I agree, some of that vernacular is a little confusing. But I do love football, regardless. :D

  5. I wonder if all sports are like this. I despised baseball til my pookies (students) won the district championship, came second in prefeecturals and went to regionals. It's hard not to catch the contagion.

    Also sports terms in general are puzzling. Rugby for example. smh.

  6. I've always enjoyed playing football, but I can't stand to watch it. The reason being....I don't know the rules. I know you need four downs for a first, or something like that, but it's much easier when playing and someone says "Just run out far and catch this when I throw it to you" or "Stop this guy from smashing into me."

    Stuff like that. I've never been a huge sports watcher, though unless it was/is tennis. A game I like to play AND know the rules to.

    Oh had me at "bacon" :D

  7. My Vikings are out, so I'm a little bitter. My new words for terrible are "Joe Webb."

    "That book was just so Joe Webb. Ridiculous."

  8. All this talk of pork and no pork rinds? For shame!

    I guess I'm not the only sad Bryan here. My Broncos were favored to go to the Superbowl, were winning their game (with 30 seconds left), and then made a few dumb mistakes and threw it all away. Bitter, party of 2? - the Bryans are ready.

    -Bryan #2

  9. When I lived in the US, I never watched sports except gymnastics or the winter Olympics (I LOVE figure skating!). But since I moved to Egypt, I got nostalgic about everything -- especially football -- and try not to miss a game. My husband, who's a big soccer fan (typical over here), used to make fun of me, but got sucked in just like you. He knows some of the ref calls and rules better than I do now! :-D


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