Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday’s Take: Trivia Tornado

Did you ever imagine before you began seriously writing that there would be so much research involved? You have to do it if you want your story to sound believable. If you are writing about trains, then you better be researching railroads. If you are giving your MC a medical condition, then you need to get friendly with WebMD.

It’s actually a lot of fun but be careful, research can be a tricky pool of procrastination. One topic leads to another, and then another, until you have spent an entire day learning the joys of ice cream production when you only wanted to know how many flavors of popsicles there were.

I now have a deep well of useless knowledge stored in my brain. Sometimes I am frightened that with just the right situation I will become a trivia tornado, spouting a rushing wind of worthless information to whoever will listen. Like those Bing commercials…or Sandra Bullock in All About Steve. Or what if I begin to mix it up like thinking Dave Thomas was the first man on the moon and Neil Armstrong invented Wendy’s?
(I love you, tasty frosty goodness)

Research wisely…it can be dangerous in more ways than one.

That’s my take on it.


  1. So true! I do random wikipedia reading when I'm brainstorming, and as a result my brain is filled with odd, possibly incorrect information. But I can always just blame it on being an eccentric writer. ;)

  2. what research? we're supposed to RESEARCH?


  3. Research is such a great way to procrastinate. At least for me. LOL.

    Off to YouTube... for some research of course!

  4. Oh, I love research. But what did writers do before Google? Seriously!

  5. Wait, Dave Thomas wasn't the first man on the moon??? lol.

    Coincidentally, I'll be doing something on research and learning type on Monday. Stay tuned.


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