Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Flashback: Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is an American tradition.  It was, and still is, a jump start to the big leagues for a lot of celebrities.  But for most of us, it was just a great show where you got all your jokes.

And most of your news:

For the longest time I thought this dude was President:

But then this guy won the next election:

Although this little man put up a helluva fight:

These guys were insane and I loved them.

But we all have to grow up and move on.  Sad...but true.  I hardly know these new people now:

And I am forced to get my news from a more serious source:

Sometimes it's hard to be a grown up.  Have a great weekend!!!


  1. So true. Funny, I get my news from Jon Stewart too. Lol! Have a great weekend:)

  2. I love SNL! I do miss the old faces, although the new ones are beginning to grow on me.

  3. Are we the same person? You're not my long lost sister who ran away in high school are you???? J/K she didn't run away, even though I begged her to. I grew up on SNL.

  4. Wow, this is like the story of my life. I dunno who those new people are either! Awesome flashback... I'm going to have to come around here more often!

    <3 Jon Stewart~

  5. Haha! Most of my news is facebook statuses! Maybe something's wrong with us. lol.

  6. I think your pic of the "new people" is a few years old! Although about half of those people are definitely still on. I think if you stop watching and come back, you feel like you're watching strangers.

    I'll say this, no matter what generation you are, the best SNL seasons were always at some point in the past. It's hilarious that during the Adam Sandler/David Spade days, everyone was saying the show had lost all its spark but an entire generation now thinks those were the best years. Same with the Will Ferrell days. It doesn't seem anyone believes TODAY is the best SNL until today is tomorrow...but then, isn't that the way we are with everything?


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