Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Facts

I am iced in.  Which is pretty strange in Houston.  There isn't a lot of ice out there but people here are insane because we don't understand this strange frozen phenomenon.

Thanks to Janet Reid, I have a new favorite blogger.  Chuck Wendig, we loves you.  Warning: Content is for mature...ok, adult audiences only.

And just for fun, a little fashion pic to brighten your day:

Well hello you doin'??? 

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. There is nothing fun about that picture! lol ok, it was funny.

  2. Bahahaha that picture still has me giggling!!!

    Oh my gosh I tell you what, today is teaching me all the bloggers who live in Houston! Hello fellow houstonian! I too am trapped inside my house enjoying the 'ice storm'.

  3. Thanks for the link to Chuck Wendig. I just read his latest on self-publishing. He is sharp, funny and on the mark.

  4. WHAT THE...? Be careful on the ice!! I still can't walk my dogs around here. Ice everywhere!

  5. LOL at the pic. I live in Nashville and we get snow/ice a little more often than you guys, I think (although we don't have it now), so I can only imagine how it is there. Here, people flip out at just the mention of a half an inch of snow. They flood grocery stores and clear off shelves of bread, milk, and eggs...because, you know, they might be stranded at home with a half an inch of snow for three weeks. And NOBODY goes to work. The news media hammers into everyone not to go out if we don't have to and people buy it.

  6. Marsha,

    Ice is creepy.

    Second picture creepy in a completely different way.

    It's NOT Halloween yet.

  7. I've wondered where those underwear went! yuck!!! OK now that I'm over the shock I'll check out Chucks blog. Thanks Marsha! Have a great weekend!

  8. That picture has scarred me for life. Shoe shopping will never be the same.

  9. iced in in houston? that's a new one!
    and i probably shouldve skipped the adult-content part when i had the chance. eeek.

  10. I sincerely hope that thong is his, and not his girlfriend's...

    Yikes, iced in, huh? Never a fun thing!


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