Wednesday, February 2, 2011


People Openly Opposed to Gwyneth (or Goop).

Mission Statement:
To openly oppose/ridicule any and all comments made by one Gwyneth Paltrow (or Goop) and also those who support said person (or Goop). Our function is not to eradicate but to pontificate and educate (and possibly rhyme everything) so the unsuspecting public can be shown the true intentions behind the expressed opinions of said aforementioned person (or Goop).

Honorary membership extended to The Lila, of course. They are directly responsible for bringing Gwyneth to our attention and who else could bring off an apology letter the way they can?  And they are just awesome.  Enough said.

First up:

Gwynnie, do not make fun of a young girl’s success. This is not the way to break into the country music scene. Why is it that anyone making fun of you is considered lame but it's ok if you do it?  Also, you look more like some random drag queen pretending to be Gwyneth pretending to be Taylor. Just wrong on so many levels.

Upcoming: POOG Logo.  It should be interesting since my art skills are equivalent to this.


  1. And that's how million dollar ideas come about. You, Bryan, are a genius. Shirts...details will be coming.

  2. OK I'm an official member. BTW, Iove your art. It makes me all happy inside. ;)

  3. She did a horrible job parodying Taylor Swift, I thought. Nothing like her. Is she trying to break into the country music scene, though? I know after "Duets," it was said that music producers were so intrigued by her singing voice, she was being asked to pursue a music career and she turned it down, saying she's an actor, not a singer. I figured the country music movie was just another acting gig for her.

  4. Oooo yeah I want a T shirt!!

    The Arrival, only .99c on Amazon/Smashwords

  5. I like her GLEE performance though!

  6. So people like me actually have a group title? Good ta know!
    and ohmigod, YES, she deff looks like some random drag queen pretending to be Gwyneth pretending to be Taylor. what a sharp observation! :D

  7. Once again, i must indulge in my random urges and point out that im a texan too! a former houstoniite, to be exact.
    just thought id mention, hehe :D

  8. We are beyond honored to be charter members!


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.