Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reasons We Don't Eat Our Young

We'd never get that fur from between our teeth.

We are more than a little frightened by them at times.

They are sort of cute.

We tend to reconsider these reasons when they reach their teens.  But then it's too late...'cause they run faster than us.


  1. awwww SO CUTE :D :D

    btw -- i have a present for you on my blog today :D

  2. OMG, cuteness OVERLOAD. LOVE. Also, you are only 5 followers from 100. Must get you more followers.

  3. Good lord, that is ONE ADORABLE KID. He's so cute it hurts!!!

  4. OMG SO CUTE! i adoreee kids, and that baby is beyooooong cute!
    also, off the hand thing, i think it is SO COOL youre an accountant/writer. thats what i wanna be when i...grow up? lol.

  5. sorry for comment-spamming, but im your 99th folower. whoot!
    yeah, just thought that was kind of cool. ahem.

  6. LOL, that's awesome! And so, so true. My stepdaughter is 11, so the teenage years are upon us...


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