Thursday, August 25, 2011

Artistic Angst

Highlight of my week:

My three year old and I started a band. I play keyboard and backup vocals. You would be surprised at what I can do with a three note fisher price piano. He is the lead singer/guitarist (plastic strings?) and named the band completely on his own.

We ARE the Big Boys.

We had our first gig in a seedy little joint (my living room) and then broke up later that night due to artistic differences. Apparently I riffed too much over his solo and my backup vocals were not what he was looking for. He told me to get out.

We’ve been in talks about a reunion concert but who knows when that might happen? It’s common knowledge he’s on the juice and can be a little unreliable and moody.

Apple Juice addiction is no laughing matter.

What's been the highlight of your week so far?


  1. Must be fun playing in a band with your unpredictable band-mate. A long life to your band.


    My son is all hairy and greasy now, but he's still the highlight of most of my days. He started high school this week and said he needed a book to read in study hall. I pushed Of Mice and Men on him and he actually took it. Happy sigh.

  3. My one year old dancing in the middle of the kitchen table. How he purchased the rappeling gear without my knowledge is beyond me.

  4. So sweet! Only three, and already a rock star!

    The highlight of my week? Watching Pleasantville last night and eating a Twix bar. Clearly I lead a rock star life, too.

  5. Good morning folks and I'm sure some of you are watching hurricane Irene's movements especially if you live on the east coast. ............. I have a post called "Lancaster on 2 wheels" today on Amish Stories where i tour the Amish country side taking pictures and observations which I've just posted................Enjoy your weekend everyone and i hope your out of Irene's path and safe. Richard from Amish Stories.

  6. Sounds like a VH1 special.
    Did LG say that her son is "greasy"?

  7. lol... love it! And yes, it's hard getting off the juice, but I believe in him. ;)

  8. I just have to tell you, this is the second post I've read by you and they have both cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh. :-)


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