Thursday, December 15, 2011

Google Gratitude

Back when acid washed jeans were cool, Boy George was straight and you could buy a pack of smokes for under a dollar…my new husband informed me there were certain specific ‘man’ chores and ‘woman’ chores that applied in every marriage. I was skeptical but being a cheerful and trusting person…I played along.

Over the years the lines have blurred between these man/woman chores due in part to my rare but rage filled strikes. These are caused by the increase in my duties, the state of certain areas within my home, the SMELLS, and the fact that somehow the man chores are never completed.

I’m a problem solver, a trouble shooter if you will (this gives me a vague image of myself with crisscrossed ammo belts and matching pistols. It pleases me). So when something critical needed repairing last night and my husband claimed he needed the help of his brother who can’t make it until next week and it’s really not so bad anyway so why are you upset? I decided this time I would take matters into my own hands.

I googled it. I watched a 5 minute video, marched into the garage for the electric screwdriver, and then fixed the problem within 10 minutes. After which I felt justified in crowing about my accomplishment for rest of the night.

Thank you, Google. You have my heartfelt gratitude. Not just for always being there when I need you but also…for making me a better man.


  1. Congrats on getting the job done! Love your can-do attitude :)

  2. *blows smoke from the tip of her pistol*

    Guess you just preempted his excuse for not fixing next week's disaster. hehe.

  3. Leave it to LG to find something crude in an otherwise inspiring post.

    You the MAN Marsha.

  4. I HATE when my husband pulls this. You go Glenn Coco for taking the initiative, but cmon, what gives with husbands being wimpy in the chores department?

  5. Munkster. Didn't you know? LG stands for Lacks Gentility. :P

  6. Very cool indeed. For a trouble shooter, you wear your pistols well.

    For the other end of the male-female spectrum, I was very pleased to go onto YouTube, stand in front of the computer with my arms moving about like I was directly traffic, and then go into the bedroom and perfectly fold a fitted sheet.

  7. You go, girl. Why wait for someone else to do the job when you're perfectly capable of doing it yourself? Which is why I'm the household plumber. =o)

  8. I read a tweet recently, I forget by who... "My computer runs so slow, it's quicker to drive over to Google and ask them shit."

  9. Google also makes us better criminals. recent research topics of mine: how to hack into a computer, lock-picking, guns, bombs. hopefully no one's on to me yet.


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