Monday, December 19, 2011

Love in Pictures

These speak for themselves.

These were all disturbing but funny until I found this:

And now I don't know how to feel. 


  1. My take: Creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy, cute. :)

  2. Conflicted, yes, I'm definitely conflicted!! Johnny went through a nerd phase?

    And what kind of animal is that blond guy wearing? Looks like Yak.

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  4. I find a ridiculous amount of joy in the fact that gorgeous people were once awkward too.

  5. The second dude looks like a serial killer.

  6. I remember coming across a picture of Burt Reynolds in his heyday with a puppy--he was naked and it was definitely high on the disturbing meter. Of course back then all that chest hair was so manly and

    But Johnny Depp? He can pull off the puppy action. :) Love that guy. :)

    Have a great Christmas!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf muse

  7. OMG, Johnny Depp in a pre '21 Jump Street' pic. I didn't know those even existed.

    That first guy is definitely disturbing. Seriously, dude, put down the puppy. It doesn't deserve that. The 2nd and 4th just look like senior pics gone wrong. And that 3rd one? :shudder: Thanks for searing my eyes this morning. ;o)

  8. Are these supposed to be sexy? Because I thought maybe they were but the second one... with the beard, haircut, glasses, sweater... HAHAHAHA

    But Johnny Depp saves all! :)


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