Monday, July 2, 2012

Random Ramblings

My posting might be a little random and a lot rambling over the next month as I continue to query my latest project, begin another one, take vacation with family, and try to sleep more than 4 hours a night.  I promise August will be more organised.

In the meantime...

I cannot tell you how badly this freaks me out:

I’m still trying to convince myself that this is just a picture of Mary-Kate Olsen dressed as a smoking hobo, Photoshopped over another picture of a lovely father-daughter outing. 
It’s not. This is Olivier Sarkozy out for a walk with his girlfriend and his daughter.
Suddenly my life doesn’t seem so bad.
Mary Kate Olsen with her boyfriend and his daughter.  For some reason I am reminded of the evil closet monkey on Family Guy.

This is still the best website to lose yourself for an hour.

I am currently OBSESSED with this series.

The fact they are vampires is secondary to the action/plot/romance of these books.  I almost forget sometimes that this is even about vampires.  And I like that.

I saw this movie yesterday:

And I honestly can't say who I loved the most.  Maybe Matthew McConaughey just for making me laugh.  But I have never seen a more engaged (louder) audience than our's.  Although being in a theater that served drinks probably had something to do with that...

Back to work.  Happy Monday.


  1. You have a theater that serves drinks? I thought I was lucky when I found one that served Starbucks. Man, I'm missing out. Um, and thanks for the Magic Mike poster. :D

    Also, tell Jennifer Hillier I'm coming for her. According to your sidebar, she's only got ten more comments on here than me. *evil grin*

  2. I want a theatre that serves drinks!

    How nice that Mary Kate can swap clothes with a...what is she? A ten year old girl? Maybe eleven?
    No, that's not at all creepy...
    Not at all.
    *backs away slowly*

  3. Okay, so that picture is pretty creepy. :(
    And good luck making it through July!! :)

  4. I think Mary Kate MAY have some daddy issues. But don't worry, if she keeps smoking she'll look like her dad, uh, boyfriend soon enough. :)

    Also, Magic Mike doesn't actually have any magic in it, so I can't help but feel lied to.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.